Peter Louis

Messengers of Good News

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Peter gives a report about all that God is doing through reviveTX; a city-wide movement where souls are being saved, baptized, healed and delivered as well as local churches being revived to live out their faith in every day life. He also shares the Gospel and encourages us to become messengers of good news, like Gabriel who spoke to Mary, “The Lord is with you and you have found favor in his eyes!

Back to the Gospel: Part 2

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Peter Louis continues the series from the week before by sharing how the Gospel not only cleanses us from sin but allows to become partakers of the divine nature. This new nature allows us to walk in intimacy with Jesus while effortlessly bearing fruit for the kingdom of heaven.

Back to the Gospel: Part 1

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Peter Louis discusses the launch of his new book, Back to the Gospel: Reviving the Church through the Message that Birthed It. He shares his heart for the church to come back to the beauty and power of the Gospel and to discover the all sufficient power of the blood of Jesus to cleanse us from sin and bring us close to God.